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Honeymoon & Destination Wedding Planning Tips!

Wedding happens to be one event that changes life of a man and a woman. So, there are 1000 plus reasons to celebrate the special event of your life in your own unique way. One should plan the entire wedding sequence well in advance so that every event sails smoothly. For instance if you have not planned for a bachelor's party in advance it means you have missed to have the fun it gives and similarly if you did not plan for a destination, there could be a serious setback at the last moment. So have everything planned to make the event one to be remembered not just by you but also by your invitees.

            There's much hullabaloo these days in the younger generation next people about destination weddings. A destination wedding is one that happens neither at the bride's nor at the groom's place, but somewhere out. It could happen anywhere and depends mostly on what the newly wed to be choose. Well if you want to have a destination wedding, here are some tips for a memorable one:

    • Let it be a place you dreamed of visiting, can be some other state or sometimes it can just be a place which is different from routine church, synagogue or even a hotel. And believe use these out-of-mundane places will always break the monotony you wanted to and even make it a memorable one for your visitors.
    • Having said that, you must remember that destination wedding means you might be missing some of your guests (unless otherwise you have enough finances to sponsor their travel fares) as some of them opt to be out for their career choices.
    • A destination wedding also calls for exhaustive planning. Additionally, extensive planning for a destination wedding stifles with the fun and the enjoyment that come naturally with an ordinary wedding.
    • The primary objective of a destination wedding should be to establish more intimacy for the to-be-wedded couple.
    • Now gear up for the destination wedding with a close circuit of your friends and other invitees who would accompany you to the exotic location. Identify your destination and plan for transport and accommodation over there.
    • Consult a wedding planner who has expertise of planning many destination weddings. Discuss your idea and come out concrete. Ask him for some suggestions. Organize everything in advance. Prefer a place that's not only visitor friendly but also safe. There is a big list of places and can be the romantic Caribbean islands, or Hawaiian and the tropical beachfronts, sailboat weddings, cruise weddings, out-of-religion weddings, air weddings, underwater weddings, mountain top weddings, etc. Click on your choice and know the best time and season to marry there.
    • Consult a travel agent and make advance reservations, allocate budget to other expenses especially look after guests' requirements. Finalize a wedding agent at the destination and see that you customize your wedding gear along with other accessories such as songs, music, photography / videography, flowers, dance and food etc.
    • Discuss the theme with your wedding officiate well in advance.
    •  As the date draws close, escape to your destination wedding for that once-in-a-life experience.

Consult with a Certified Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Specialist, a Travel Consultant who is able to help you in understanding the rules and help a great deal with obtaining value-added amenities because of their vendor relationship. They can save you money, time and effort and better insure that your event is carried out to exceed your expectations. HEARTS on the GO has certified agent consultants anxious to help you with this important event in your life.


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