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Different Travel Personalities

What TYPE of Honeymooner are You?

       Tend to plan and book their honeymoons themselves. Anyone with a budget of less than $2,000 should be considered a potential Do-It-Yourselfer. This type is the most time-consuming because the limited budget greatly affects and narrows choices. It is most imperative to charge a fee for your time and knowledge and charge an appropriate service charge as your time and knowledge is valuable.

       The Budget All-Inclusive couple is aware of the all-inclusive concept and will shop around to find the best deal. Generally the range is $2-3K range.
        *Ask if they already have prices from online providers (this will save a tremendous amount of time.
        *Be prepared with whatever ‘deals’ are out there and about to expire. This client could cost you money in the long run if they are being unrealistic.  Generally speaking there isn’t a preference as to where or type of experience – just bottom line price or cost – not value.

        Comfort Couples choose honeymoons that are less by the type of vacation experience, than by the comfort and quality. They tend to know exactly what they want, whether it is total relaxation or an active-adventure honeymoon. 
        *Have realistic budgets between $3- 5K
        *Appreciate value within the parameters of a well-defined experience
        *Are more brand-conscious than the Budget All-Inclusive.

        Luxury Lovers want creature comforts and personal service and are willing to spare no expense to get what they want. They are generally well informed and resourceful and place high value on their own time. They will judge your recommendation and levels of service to meet their high standards.
        Depending on the length of stay – their budgets tend to be $5K and up. Their interest span from romantic beach resorts to intimate ski lodges.
        *Tend to appreciate unusual travel suggestions
        *Want to be the first in their social circles to have the experience.

        It is the sensation provided by the adventure that defines Adventure Seeker’s. Creature comforts are secondary to the adventure itself.
        The nature of adventure travel tends to put adventure seekers into higher budgets.
        *Look for the unusual but listen closely to their ultimate goal and definition of adventure: i.e. Light or heavyadventure experiences.

       Culture Vultures place a high priority on cultural aspects of the honeymoon: i.e. ancient ruins, museums, architecture, gastronomy, and sightseeing. Budgets start at $3,500 for Domestic and more for         International travel accommodations and transportation.
        *Packages tours good value but not independence.
        *Experienced travelers will look for boutique hotels



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